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A fissure is a cut injury that arises in the anal canal. Passage of hard stool results in too much stretching of the anal canal which causes a tear in this region. Because of extreme pain during defecation; patients try not to pass stool, This further hardens the stool and increases the severity of the problem. Occasionally there can be some bleeding from the rectum also. An anal fissure can occur in both men and women of any age. About 81% of people around the world at some time in life have some kind of anal fissure. Therefore, it is considered a common problem.

Symptoms of Fissure

Pain in the anal region during or after passing stool is the main symptom of Anal Fissure. Depending upon its severity pain can subside within a few minutes after defecation or it may persist the whole day. There can be occasional bleeding from the rectum also. The patient can also have a burning, pricking, or itching sensation in the anal region. These signs can subside for some time to recur again after a few days.
More symptoms of Fissure are:
Excruciating pain, pricking, and burning, occasional bleeding from the rectum, itching in the anal region, etc. are some of the major symptoms of anal fissure. This disease can recur again after a certain time interval. Recurrence of Anal fissure results in the chronicity of the disease and a skin tag develops as a result. This is a small skin tag hanging outside the anal orifice. It is usually seen in patients with chronic Anal fissure. Usually, this tag is painless but when inflamed; it may have swelling and pain.

What are the Causes of Anal Fissure

  • Passage of hard stool through anus.
  • Chronic Diarrhoea
  • Trauma to the anus and anal canal like during childbirth
  • Inflammation in anus because of crohn’s disease or some other inflammatory disease.
  • Due to weakness of anus.

Tips to Cure Anal Fissure

  • It’s easy to take care of anal fissure through Ayurvedic kshara karma therapy. This is an alkaline therapy. Kshar is obtained from the ashes of medicinal plants. Kshar karma is a good substitute of surgery to cure fissure.
  • Try to get rid of constipation, if you have
  • Keep the anal region clean.

What is the best treatment for Fissure

Ayurveda provides treatment for anal fissure without surgery. Ayurveda assures anal fissure treatment without surgery.

Matrabasti is one of the unique treatments modality used in Fissure, In earlier stage of Fissure Matrabasti gives promising result so patient who dont want to go for surgery should definitely opt for Matrabasti. Matrabasti is nothing but medicated oils given through anus. These Medicated oils heals the fissure and surgery can be avoided.