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Fistula-in-ano or anal fistula is a tract lined by unhealthy tissue, which is a seat of chronic infection. The tract on one side is connected to anal canal & the other end opens on the skin. This problem presents it self as a small swelling or opening in the peri anal region. Some times the swelling increases in size & there may be some pain. However as soon as this swelling bursts; the pus & blood discharges come out & there is relief in the pain. But this cycle gets repeated again and again.

Symptoms of Fistula

The most common symptom of fistula is pus , blood or watery discharges through anus or through a mildly painful nodular mass present in the perianal region. In an inactive form; there may not be any symptoms but when active there might be all associated symptoms as already mentioned.

What are the Causes of Anal fistula

  • Due to infection of anal fissure
  • Due to trauma by passing hard stools, that may get – subsequently infected to develop into anal fistula.
  • The diseases like ulcerative colitis, chrohns disease, diabetes, ca rectum are likely to develop anal fistula.

Types of Fistulas

Fistula can be divided into subcategories which are as follows:

Inter-sphincteric fistulas -
In such type of fistulas the the fistulous tract only crosses the internal sphincter and lies between the internal and external sphincter, in the intersphincteric space.
Trans-sphincteric fistulas –
These pass through external, internal sphincter in areas located between perianal skin and anal canal.
Supra-sphincteric fistulas –
These pass upward around the external sphincter after crossing internal sphincter right above the puborectalis muscle.
Extra-sphincteric fistulas –
These are the ones that are rare to find and also the most tough ones to be treated. In this type of fistula, the tract bypasses both the anal canal and sphincter, then pass from the levator ani muscle and ischiorectal fossa before exiting its way into the rectum.
Superficial fistulas –
These types of fistula neither cross the internal sphincter nor the external ones. There is strong possibility that the fistula is present because of the crohns disease.

What are the popular modes of treatments available

Fistula in Ano is a disease for which large no. of surgical procedures have been tried. This is because with each surgical procedure chances of recurrence have been associated. But with all these procedures; in about 15-20 % of the cases recurrence has been reported. This disease is infamous for the chances of recurrence after the treatment.

What are the benefits of ksharsutra treatment

Ksharsutra Therapy has its origin from the roots of Ayurveda. The therapy is carried out for the treatment of various types of fistula, & pilonidal sinus. Ksharsutra Therapy is more convenient and effective than surgery. This has been clinically proven by various national and international researches.

Being minimally invasive in nature, the technique is rather a very convenient one. The success rate of the graded ksharsutra involves a good percentage of 98.The recurrence rate is very less than other treatment methods. It does not require to go through hours of surgery but is performed in minimum time using local anesthesia. Apart from this; in Ksharsutra therapy the after care does not require a prolong use of antibiotics & hospitalization.