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Pilonidal Sinus

Pilonidal sinus disease is a disease of the inter-gluteal region characterised by the formation of a sinus in the cleft of the buttocks. The pilonidal sinus disease development begins with a hair follicle in the intergluteal cleft becoming infected or inflamed. This inflammation obstructs the opening of the follicle, which extends inwards, forming a ‘pit’.A foreign body-type reaction then lead to formation of a cavity, connected to the surface of the skin by an epithelialised sinus tract . These cavities will often discharge serous fluid and can periodically become acutely infected to form pilonidal abscess.

Symptoms of pilonidal sinus

A pilonidal sinus becomes infected. Infection can cause a pus-filled abscess to develop.
An abscess is a painful collection of pus that causes symptoms such as:

  • Pain
  • Tender lump under the skin
  • Redness of the skin
  • Blood draining from the sinus
  • Pus draining from the sinus, pus usually smells unpleasant.

Kshar Sutra Treatment for Pilonidal Sinus

Out of many treatment options for pilonidal sinus, Kshar Sutra Therapy is the most preferred because of high success rates, no complications and very low recurrences. A lot of patients are getting cured through this ayurvedic para-surgical technique from around the glob Kshar sutra Treatment in Pilonidal sinus

  • Preparation of affected area
  • Exploring the track
  • Removal of hair from the sinus
  • Cleaning of sinus track
  • Putting Kshar Sutra in the sinus cavity
  • Weekly change of Kshar Sutra till it comes out by itself.